Getting Started on Sorare – A Beginner’s Guide

sorare beginner's guide

To some, it’s an exciting new fantasy football game. Others will see it as one of the most promising projects in the booming NFT space. Collectors may look at it as the logical evolution of panini stickers and top trumps cards in the digital world we now live in, while others will view it as a great new platform to trade footballers. Whatever category you fall into, the process of getting started on Sorare is roughly the same. In this beginner’s Sorare guide, we’ll run through what to expect from your first few days, weeks and months on the platform, finishing off with some handy tips and Sorare strategies that should help get your journey off to a successful start.

Sorare Guide 2022 – Getting Started

Joining the Platform

As outlined in our Sorare review (which goes into greater depth on the actual gameplay, rules, fantasy scoring matrix and league structures), joining the platform is quite straightforward. Given this is not technically a gambling platform, there are no long security checks to go through, no bank details to enter and no initial deposit is required. 

There are no deposit bonuses for new users on Sorare, but it’s certainly worth joining using a referral link – which you will see being promoted on just about any Sorare related content on YouTube, Twitter or elsewhere. Our Sorare sign-up link will give you up to 12 free common cards and a free Limited card (NFT) once you make five purchases on the primary market. This may all sound foreign to you at this stage but with many limited cards valued in the hundreds of £/$/€, you may as well take advantage of the offer.

Note – all Sorare referral links basically offer the same thing. Rare cards are no longer issued to new users, although you may still see some blogs and social media users falsely promoting this.

sorare sign up offer

Getting your first Common Cards

You can register simply using your google or facebook account or via email. Once that is done, onboarding begins and you get to choose your user name and club name (both of which you can change later if you wish). After that, you get to the point of selecting your favourite teams. This is a bit more important as you will receive players from these clubs as you go through the short onboarding process which explains some of the basics of the game. As you complete each step, you get to open a pack and these common cards will be yours to use for the duration of your time on Sorare.

While they cannot be bought and sold, common cards can currently be used in a few tournaments to help you win prizes that do hold a monetary value, although mostly they are of use in the free version of Sorare (the Casual League which is detailed below). When selecting your clubs, you’d probably be wise to choose strong teams rather than the ones you simply like the most. Teams that are dominant in their own countries, tend to control possession and score lots of goals tend to have the highest scoring players.

The likes of Ajax, Bayern Munich and PSG are good options. However you may also want to look at the upcoming schedule as you don’t really want to start off with players from teams with a big break coming up. For example, picking three European teams as your favourites in May will leave you unable to use most of your cards during the summer months. At this point, a few strong MLS or Japanese teams may be better options.

Ultimately though, it’s largely luck of the draw as to which players you actually get. Most new users will get a mixture of good and bad cards.

Entering the Casual League

Once you have your initial squad of common cards, you’re good to start entering the Casual League (formerly known as Starter League Rookie). Providing there is some football being played, and there almost always is!, there will be two Casual tournaments per week to enter. Like all competitions on Sorare, they are free to enter and you may as well field a team in every one, even if you don’t have a full five players in action. Even if none of your players are involved in a game, you will still win another common card to add to your collection. However if you score well, you are more likely to win a better card.

You can enter a team by clicking on the ‘Play’ tab and selecting the next open game week. The Casual League will be the only one available to you at this point (besides training which doesn’t offer prizes) and to confirm your entry, you simply need to pick five players. Ideally these will be the ones you think will do well on that matchday.

You will need to pick a goalkeeper and your outfielders can form a 2-1-1, 1-2-1 or 1-1-2 formation. All the fantasy football tournaments on Sorare require five players and your players score points based on their performance in real-world matches taking place across the globe.

Sorare free cards
Selecting a casual team of free common cards (grey background).

You can enter one Casual League team per matchday and if you finish in the top 10% you should win a really good card. In almost all cases this will be a new common card, although the top three positions do win limited cards (which you can sell or trade). You can see the exact breakdown for how prizes are distributed by clicking the ‘Prize Pool’ tab. You can monitor your players’ scores and your position in the standings from the ‘Play’ tab once the action kicks off.

There are no longer limits on how long you can enter the Casual League for. This is essentially the free version of the game and you can keep playing that forever if you have no interest in spending money on Sorare.

However for most users, common cards and the Casual League are just a taster and a nice way to get to know how Sorare works without putting any money in. If you decide it is for you, to really experience the platform you need to start buying cards from one of the main scarcities: Limited, Rare, Super Rare & Unique.

Depositing & Buying Cards

Depositing Funds

It is worth taking a bit of time to play the free version and familiarising yourself with the platform before diving straight in and buying a load of cards from the other other scarcities. Sorare is not that complicated once you are used to it, but for newcomers, there’s quite a lot to take in. Eventually though, you will need to fund your account in order to make any progress on the game.

Sorare is a global platform and the currency it operates on is Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency (although you can opt to also see prices in FIAT currencies – £, $, € etc). There are no special Sorare tokens.

To deposit Ethereum, you will need a separate Ethereum wallet on a cryptocurrency site such as Coinbase or Bitpanda. From there you can deposit ETH into your Sorare account via the instructions after clicking on the ‘wallet’ icon in the top right of the screen.

If you have no experience with cryptocurrencies and this all sounds a little bit daunting, you can also simply fund your account using a debit card or bank transfer and the sum of your deposit will be converted to ETH. It’s also possible to just buy individual players using your debit card so you don’t require a great knowledge of crypto to use Sorare, although it’s probably a good idea to at least learn some of the basics and you can avoid some additional fees by directly depositing crypto.

Your balance is also good to use in any of the other sports on Sorare (currently basketball and baseball) should you wish to play those too. Read our Sorare NBA guide for the lowdown on the basketball version.

Buying Cards

Sorare guide
Limited tournaments operate in a similar way to the Common only Casual League.

The natural next step up from the Casual League are the Limited competitions. In this tier, you can only use Limited cards (gold background) which are less scarce than Rares, Super Rares or Uniques and as a result cheaper to buy. As a new user, there is very little chance of you winning them as a prize in the Casual League so you will need to buy at least five in order to compete.

Some new users may also be more attracted by the Rare competitions (the next tier up) which offers greater opportunities to win ETH and this can be a good way to build a balance. To enter a Rare team, you need at least four Rare cards but you can use one Common, although this will be changing to five Rares ahead of the 2022/23 European season.

Until this point, many users have competed in the Rare leagues by using four outfield rares and a common goalkeeper as these are typically the most expensive to buy. However given the upcoming rules change and with a starting Rare goalkeeper in a major European league typically costing at least 0.3 ETH (approx $900 | €850 | £700 at the time of writing), you may wish to focus on Limited cards initially unless you are in a position to pay those kinds of prices.

There are three main ways to buy player cards on Sorare:

  • Auctions

Sorare is constantly releasing new player cards onto the market of all four scarcities. These can be found by clicking on the ‘Market’ tab on the main menu at the top and selecting ‘Cards’ in the ‘New Card Auctions’ section. The auctions usually run for around 24-72 hours and operate on a simple highest bidder wins basis. You will automatically see the auctions that are nearing completion but there are a range of filters on the left-hand-side which you can use to locate targets.

sorare auctions
  • Via Manager Sales

Secondly, other Sorare users AKA managers place the cards they are looking to sell up for sale and you can see these via the ‘Manager Sales’ section under the ‘Market’ tab. It’s worth noting that most players are listed at inflated prices, so do your research and be sure you’re reasonably confident in your ability to properly value players before diving in here. It does take some time to do this well and there are some useful Sorare tips at the bottom of this post which should help you reach that point quicker.

  • Make Direct Offers to other Managers

Another way to buy new cards is to make direct offers to other managers. Once you’ve got some players in mind that you want to buy, you can simply use the search function to locate all the cards in circulation of the player of interest. By clicking on a card, you will find the ‘Trade’ option which allows you to make an offer.

Combining approaches 2 and 3 is a good way to go. You can use the transfer market to find cards that managers are looking to sell and then make direct offers below the list price at what you perceive to be a fair value.

Many managers are also on Discord or Twitter so you can sometimes approach them directly and negotiate there. It’s also possible to exchange cards and this is best done by approaching managers directly when possible to see which of your cards they might be interested in.

Selling Cards

You won’t need to know much about selling cards initially but will probably begin to see how it works from your experiences of buying your first cards. Depending on your strategy, it may not be too long before you need to sell players.

If you’re more trading focused or are starting on a small budget, buying cheap undervalued cards and selling for a profit can quickly help you build a bigger ETH balance. Even if you’re not looking to do that, you may start to receive offers from other managers which can be viewed by clicking on ‘Offers received’ under the ‘My Club’ tab at the top.

If you’re actively looking to sell a card, you can significantly encourage these offers by listing your players as for sale. To do this, first go to ‘My Club’ in the main menu and then click on ‘My Cards’. This is probably the most important screen on Sorare as it shows your entire collection. To list a player, click on the card you are looking to sell, click ‘List my card’, set your asking price and then it’ll be listed in the transfer market for 48 hours. You can simply relist him at any point if he doesn’t sell and the 48 hour timer will reset.

You’ll get a notification if someone buys the card or makes an offer on it. Before setting your asking price, you may want to go to that player’s screen and see what price other managers have listed him at. You’re unlikely to attract many offers unless you list your card at a competitive price.

Entering Competitions

Entering the main competitions basically works in the same way as the common Casual League. Again you have to select five players in a 2-1-1, 1-2-1 or 1-1-2 formation. Be sure to confirm your teams before each gameweek as they will not be entered if not, even if you are not making any line-up changes. 

The deadlines for submission are Tuesday (for midweek gameweeks) and Fridays (for weekends) at 12:00 in Central Europe (11:00 in the UK). Players sold after the deadline will still count towards your score for that gameweek but won’t be eligible for the next one.

Which tournaments you will be able to enter will depend largely on your budget and the size and makeup of your collection. Initially, only the Common and Mix tabs will be available to you. However once you have enough cards of the other scarcities, the other competitions will also open up.

Sorare leagues

Within each tier, you can find global (All Star & U23) as well as regional leagues. The global ones, where you can play any player from any region, are perhaps the easiest to get started with but you may also decide you prefer to target a specific region. The regions are split into Asia, Americas, European Champions (the big 5 European leagues) & European Challenger (a selection of other European leagues).

Even if you are more interested in trading or collecting than tournaments, you’d be wise to try and field as many teams as possible. There is absolutely no cost in entering the tournaments and there is always a chance of winning prizes (either new cards or ETH) if you have recruited well and select your team wisely.

Over the course of time, as you win more cards or gain more confidence in the platform resulting in you depositing more, you should be able to gradually compete in more competitions and maybe even move up to Super Rare or Unique. However the best cards of these scarcities do change hands for eye-watering sums so you’d need some serious funds, as well as a lot of faith in the future of Sorare, to advance to that stage.

For now though, it’s important to get the basics right first and not rush things while you get a feel for how Sorare works, how players are valued and how to best compete in the different competitions. Don’t worry if you are still a bit lost at this point! Sorare isn’t as complicated as it can initially sound and as with many things, actually trying it out for yourself is often the best way to learn.

5 Quick Sorare Tips for Beginners

  1. Train your Players – Each gameweek, it’s worth entering all your players in the training leagues unless they are being used in the main tournaments. Even if they don’t have a match, they will still earn something called XP which gradually increases the power and ultimately the value of a card over time. You can submit training teams via the ‘mix’ tab in the ‘Play’ section.
  2. Scout Players & Use SorareData – By far the best tool for scouting and trying to value players is SorareData. Completely free to use, it offers far more info on each player than you get on Sorare itself and you’ll be able to see what fantasy scores everyone has posted over the last 40 games and see every price they’ve previously been exchanged at. In the early phase of deciding your targets, you may end up spending more time here than on Sorare itself and while it can be time-consuming, proper scouting can really reap rewards in the long-term.
  3. Find your Edge – This is a global platform with football in more than 20 different countries covered. That creates a really unique environment and if you are extremely knowledgeable about one of the less popular leagues, you can find a real edge. Few managers on Sorare are experts on the K-League or J-League but many still regularly buy and sell Asian players and enter the Asian tournaments. Even if you’re not, you may wish to decide to really get into one of the smaller leagues, watch some matches and educate yourself. It shouldn’t be long before you have an advantage on the market and it’s also worth noting that many players in Asia and the Americas actually score better than some of the elite stars in Europe, but can often be bought much cheaper.
  4. Take Advantage of Short-Termism – There is a large amount of short-term thinking on Sorare with managers often purely focused on ensuring they have the right cards to field teams on the next matchday rather than looking at the bigger picture. If you’re willing to play the longer game, buying players out of season, or merely those who are injured or out of form is a strategy that can really pay off. Typically, players skyrocket in value when they hit form or as the start of their respective seasons draws close. With proper scouting and research, you can really take advantage of these kinds of shifts and in a rapidly growing market, big returns are possible in the space of just a few months if you get it right!
  5. Be Careful with Decimal Points! – This may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how often players are sold for 10 times their value, just because somebody has mistakenly typed 0.2 ETH instead of 0.02 (the difference between 60 & 600 US Dollars at the time of writing). Don’t be that guy or girl! Also be wary of a few managers who deliberately offer at 10% of the going rate in an attempt to trick people into selling. There is a block button. Don’t be afraid to use it.

If you’re ready to give Sorare a go, it’s completely free to join and start compiling your collection of common cards. Use our sign-up offer to get started or failing that somebody else’s Sorare referral link as there is a clear advantage in doing so.

If you have any questions or doubts during your opening weeks on Sorare, feel free to ask questions. You can get in touch on twitter via @SorareLaLiga. You may also want to check this piece on Sorare predictions for 2022 as it promises to be an exciting year on the platform.

This Sorare guide contains affiliate links to Sorare and was last updated in April 2022. Future changes to the sign up process and tournament structures may occur so it’s possible you may experience a slightly different onboarding process to the one outlined above. Do your own research before putting any money into the platform!

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