On this page, you will find the latest Spanish football news from around La Liga. We have feeds from the clubs, the main Spanish sports daily newspapers and some of the leading journalists on Spanish football.


Madrid-based AS and Marca, as well as Barcelona-based Sport now all publish English versions of their website. Therefore it’s easier for an international audience to get to grips with the intense media coverage of La Liga and particularly the big two clubs.

As sports dailies, they have a lot of column inches to fill.  As a result, every minute detail of life at the top end of the Primera Division is scrutinised over. You can really get a feel for that by reading some of the more mundane stories they cover!


The very biggest clubs in Spain, all have English language social media accounts keeping their international fans up to date with goings on. Many of the smaller teams are also starting to follow suit with almost all top flight clubs now on Twitter in English.


Featuring some of the best journalists and writers on Spanish football as well as blog accounts for the ‘big three’ clubs. There is plenty more content from around La Liga to get your teeth into here.

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